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Someday we'll catch that cryptid.


This game is adorable.  Gwen is just... so precious.


Got this game through the bundle and playing it through was an absolute delight!!!! it made me laugh and squeal unexpectedly, and for someone who also recently got into dnd understanding what was going on was a cute lil plus. Lovely work!!


i loved this, I played through three times immediately!


So glad I'm revisiting the bundle titles-- yours was a delight. <3

Very short but very sweet, Rafie all the way


Are you working on any other games at the moment?


Not trying to be mean or anything but the title would of been tight if it was Dungeons and Dykes lol

Love this game! I did post review about it to my youtube channel if anyone wants to go check it out :D  

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Amazing, and If I ever have a son, I'm making his middle name Jimothy.

Love this game to tiny bits!


this is good gay content & i love rafie


Rafie has my whole heart


This is really sweet. Short and relaxing experience. 


this is so cute ;;


absolutely love this game, it's so cute and it warmed my gay little heart so much <3333333

i was absolutely cackling at the humor 10/10


Super cute also Lena best girl <3


The secret extra bit was super sweet and super touching and felt really personal. And meaningful. And helped me out. Thanks for making this wonderful little gem of game <3 



Everything about this is relatable and I love it so much. You have captured the true, gay essence of D&D. Thank you <3

i've only played once but i am in love with gwen

4/6 endings played, still in love with gwen

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Helps with the loneliness, really enjoyed it overall 😂 Lena is my favourite!

Really funny game but way too short. Looking forward to seeing what the writers do next

Silly and neat. Thanks for writing a nice game.


I'm melting from all the cutness. Amazin

As soon as I saw "Prozac the powerful" I knew this game would be a masterpiece and oh boi did it NOT disappoint.  Best VN I've ever played //chef's kiss


This game is really funny and cute an aaaaaah I love it so much it warms my trans-lesbian heart <3<3<3

best 5 bucks ever wasted 11/10

it's not letting me open the game bc my mac apparently can't detect if there's malware in it so it won't let me open it. help??

This was phenomenal! thank you for this gem <3


I don't think this propaganda suits my tastes very well.


id only play this game ironically


Humorous, ridiculous, hilarious and absurd. I'm definately team Rafie. 


was cute



I like the jokes


this game is so cute!! i started crying when i got the secret beginning thing because it was cute and soft and i just kind needed that, so thank you. all the characters are so lovely and i just adored playing it, so thank you for making it!!


i had no idea there was a secret beginning thank you so much

Hi I'm having issues opening the game on my macbook because my mac is saying it won't open games from an unknown developer? 

Hi, you might have already solved this, but in case you haven't (or for other people who come across this): if you right-click (or ctr + click) on the game icon and select 'Open' an "unknown developer" warning box will come up again but this time with the option to 'Open' it anyway. After the initial launch it should allow you to just double-click/tap it to open in the future.

(Of course this isn't recommended for programs you're not sure of though)


I looooved this game. Silly, cute, amazing and of course, there are lesbians here (what else can I ask for). The only downside I can find is that unfortunately, Lena doesn't exist and therefore, I can't marry her. 

Also, Jimothy is life.

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